We’ve made it to the end of our second week of Home Learning.

I am so proud of all of you.

You are an amazing class and I am so proud to be your teacher. Have a well-deserved break this weekend.

There is a Google Meet this morning at 9:30. Y4 are also having a Meet starting at 10am so we may just make it a short one if there is a clash for some children.

I would like everyone to send me today’s writing and Maths, so that I can give feedback and keep track of your learning. I have put both of them onto Google Classroom so that it is easier for you to send them in. You can email them if you have a problem with Google Classroom.

Today’s Home Learning:


4x tables test. Choose a sheet from below – we will do this at the end of this morning’s session if you want to join in. Otherwise complete it online if you usually do this.

4x 20

4x 30

4x 40

4x 50


L.I. -To be able to calculate the area of shapes.


Area of a rectangle = length x width

To find the approximate area of an irregular shape:

  • Count the full squares
  • Count any square that is 3/4 or more as a full square
  • See if you can pair up squares to make a full one

Mild and Spicy use the sheets attached below:

Mild – 1 star

Spicy 2 stars

Calculate and compare areas

Hot  – use the sheets attached below:


Further Challenge: Q7-10




L.I. – To write a character description using facts and opinions. 

Read Chapter 3 here:

or watch and listen on YouTube:

Use what you have read in chapters 1-3 to write a character description for Danny.

Describe what you know about him so far e.g. age, where he lives, who he lives with, what skills he has, what he likes to do and what you think about him.

Please complete this on Google Classroom if possible, if not please use the sheet below and email it to me.  I have included the instructions.

Danny – character description



Look at the clues below. What do you think our new topic is about?

Topic Clues

Now fill in the KWL grid as shown below:

Fill in K – What I know.

You might not know anything yet, which is okay as this will hopefully change by the end if the topic.

Now fill in W – What I want to know.

Here I would like you to think of some questions you would like to find the answers to related to the topic.

L – What I have learnt

We can fill this is as we move through the topic. Choose a key fact to record from today’s lesson.

KWL Grid




Use the map below to help you to complete one of the worksheets.



Mild – 1 star

Spicy – 2 stars

Hot – 3 stars



L.I. – To analyse and explore creative works (Ruth Daniels).

You can complete this activity today or over the weekend if you prefer.

Today we will be looking at the work of another artist – Ruth Daniels.

Ruth’s work began as a young child in New York.

Ruth Daniels creates artwork using ink and watercolor paintings. The warm Caribbean sun beaming onto lush landscapes inspires her. She depicts natural forms and colours to create the jungle-like quality of tropical rainforest environments.


Click below to take a look at some of her artwork:

Ruth Daniels

Think about the following  to help you to explore and analyse her work:

  • Does all her work explore a  similar theme?
  • What colours does she use? Which colours does she use the most?
  • How detailed is her work? Does she use big and bold images or delicate ones?

Have a go at sketching some of the flowers from her artwork. Look at how she uses bright colours and different petal shapes to create vibrant images.

Now experiment with creating your own drawings of flowers in the style of Ruth Daniels.

I would love to see these!


Stilling Time

Go noodle

Great learning everyone -enjoy your weekend and I’ll see you on Monday morning!


Mrs Padfield