Morning everyone – I’m looking forward to our Google Meet today at 9:30-10:30.

Remember to have you pencil and books ready. I am going through all the levels of work so don’t worry if some of it is above your current challenge level. It is still helpful for you to listen to the whole lesson and join in where you can.

Today’s Learning


Starter: The answer is 16 what is the question?

Write a range of questions to get the answer above, challenge yourself!


2 x 8 = 16                       9 + 7  = 16                          30 – 14 = 16                   10 +   26       divided by 3     +4 = 16

100 – 50     divided by 2     + 11        divided by 9       x 4   = 16


L.L. -To calculate the area of irregular shapes.

Choose 1 sheet each from the sheets below:

Mild – Sheet 1

Spicy -Sheet 2

Hot -Sheet 3


Now have a go at a sheet from below:

Mild – sheet 1

Spicy –  sheet 2

Hot  – Sheet 3


Further Challenge:





L.I. -To identify the main events in a text.

Chapter 2

VOCABULARY: Check you understand the meaning of these words.

You can use

 stern – enormous – wheelbarrow – cavern – occasionally – stride

mysteriously – shrill – prowl – blowpipe – tremendous – gait – hedge

Roald Dahl took lots of inspiration for this story from his own life. Some of his other, most famous, stories are also first mentioned in Danny the Champion of the World.



  • Read or listen to Chapter 2.

  • If you prefer to listen to the story – ask an adult to find this on YouTube.
  • Create a storyboard showing the activities of the “BFG’ in Chapter 2.
  • Choose a sheet from below to draw your pictures to illustrate the story. Add captions to your pictures to further explain what is happening.


Further Challenge

Select the sheet with more space for writing so that you can explain in more depth.


You can find out more about the background to this novel here:



You could do this with Marcus Rashford on CBBC BBCiPlayer or do Mr. Garvey’s PE. session.



L.I. To say and write a sentence to tell the time.

Watch the PowerPoint and have a go at the phrases for telling the time:

Lesson Presentation time

Try the activity below:

Sheet Time Dominoes

Now select a sheet to check your understanding:

Telling The Time Activity


Here is a list of numbers in French to help you:



Stilling Time is with Mrs O’Donnell today so check out her post on the blog.


I’m so proud of how hard you are working. You are all amazing!

love Mrs Padfield