Happy Tuesday!

Hope you’re all doing okay. We’ll have a Google meet tomorrow at 9:30 to go over some of the Home Learning – can’t wait to see you all again.

Today’s Learning:



You can choose your starter today.

Choice 1

To practise division facts for 4 – select divide by 4.



Choice 2

Thus is an extra challenge


The challenge is to use the numbers available and the four standard operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division) to make the target number.



L.I. – To multiply two digits using the area model.

Everyone needs to watch the first video.

The first video covers question 1-4 on the sheet. (Mild /Spicy)

The second video then takes the learning further so you can choose to do this and complete the remaining questions on the sheet. (Hot)

Multiply-2-digits-area-model worksheet

Answers Multiply-2-digits-area-model



Further Challenge

Further Challenge

Answers – Further Challenge



Please practise your spellings on Spelling Shed.

L.I. – To be able to recommend books, giving reasons for your choice.

This lesson includes:

  • one video to show you what authors do

  • one video of Paralympic Basketball player and sports presenter Ade Adepitan reading from Tom’s Midnight Garden by Philippa Pearce

  • three activities


Click the link below and complete the activities.


As an extension activity, you can find out more about your favourite author and write a paragraph including ket details about their life.


Mr.  Garvey has posted a P.E. lesson for you to do this week or you could do Joe Wicks.



 Collaboration challenge!

You need someone in your family to do this activity with – it can be a sibling who’s also at home or a grown-up who has some time to join you in the challenge. Ask permission from a grown-up before starting.

You’ll also need some old newspaper – or a magazine if you don’t have any newspaper – and some sticky tape.

The challenge is to collaborate – that means work as a team – to make the tallest tower you can from six sheets of newspaper (more if you’re using a magazine).

The challenge is to do this without any disagreements or falling out. So you have to negotiate – that means explaining how you think you should make your tower and finding polite ways of putting your ideas forward.

Afterwards, talk about what it was like. Did it feel easy or was it tricky? Were you frustrated at any time? How can you overcome frustration and work as a team?

Stilling Time

Keep it up – you’re doing great!

Love to you all

Mrs Padfield