Morning everyone!

Hope you had a good weekend.

Bit of a random picture today but it made me smile!

Here’s our Monday morning assembly with Mrs Thomas:


As  you probably know we do not have the usual 9:30-10:30 Meet as I am in school. There is however a short Google Meet this morning for a spelling test.

Please login when it is time for your group. Here are the times:

10:00 Pi

10:10 Kappa

10:20 Omega

If you cannot make the Meet, please get a grown up to test you and record your score to share with me either though email or later in the week.

I will catch up with individual spellers later in the week when I am not in school.



We had a go at these type of questions last week. See if you can complete more today or if you managed to do them all last time, try to complete them in the fastest time you can to show rapid recall and record how long it took.

Number of the Week Y5 Wk2

Number of the Week Y5 Wk2 Answers


L.I. – To multiply 4 digits by 1 digit.

Follow the instructions on the teaching video and complete the questions on the sheet.


ANSWERS -Multiply-4-digits-by-1-digit

Further Challenge

further challenge Multiplication Puzzle




Spelling Test on Google Meet. Your new spellings should be ready for you to practise on Spelling Shed ready for next week’s test.

L.I. – To understand reading for pleasure.

Today’s lesson focusses on developing reading for pleasure. Follow the video and complete the Reading River Task. I would like you to have this ready for when we meet later in the week.

Also, I would like you to reads for 20 minutes today. Please sign your Reading Record to show you have completed this.

Oxford Owl

This is a useful website of you are looking for something to read.

I have attached the link below. It is free to join, Just ask a grown up to help you to create a login. You will find a range of reading eBooks for you to read onscreen.



L.I. – To describe the movement of the Earth relative to the Sun in the solar system.

Watch the video below:

Have a go at creating day and night. This would be best done later in the day, when it is dark.

You will need:

  • a torch  – you may have a torch facility on a mobile at home.
  • a ball
  • someone to help you hold the torch or the ball.

One of you can represent the sun and hold the torch.

The other can be the Earth (the ball.)

Switch the torch on and shine it onto the ball. Turn the ball in your hand and watch how the light only reaches part of the ball – that would be the part of the Earth having it’s daytime. The part of the ball having it’s night time would be the part of the ball in shadow.


Mild – Have a go at drawing a diagram to represent the Earth and the Sun, showing the part of the Earth that is light and the part that is dark. Remember to label the Earth and the Sun. Draw arrows to show the direction of the light and label day and night.


Use the word mat below to help you with writing an explanation about how day and night occur.

Spicy – 1 star

Hot 2 stars

Night and Day Explanation Text Word Mat

Activity Sheet Night and Day Explanation Text

Further Challenge

Explore the Earth further using the website below. Note down some interesting facts about the Earth to share with the class later in the week.


Stilling Time

Be kind to yourself. We often talk about how we can and should be kind to others but it is also important to be kind to yourself. Take some time today to be kind to yourself. Have a look at the sheet and see if it gives you some ideas, you can add any you can think of if you choose.


Make sure you get outside for some fresh air and a run around 🙂


Have a lovely rest of the day – you’re doing a great job!