Morning everyone!

Hope you are all okay – look forward to seeing you at 9:30. Spelling Test will be with Mrs Glover  – 10:10 Kappa/Omega           10:20 Pi

Today’s learning:


8x tables to practise for this week’s test please.


Choose from the tasks below to practise 8x table:


L.I. – To subtract decimals to 2 decimal places.

We will go through this in the mornings Google Meet.

Choose from:

Mild Q1-3

Spicy Q 4-6

Hot  Q 6-8



Further Challenge:

Further Challenge

Answers Further Challenge




Spelling Test today:

10:10 -Kappa/ Omega

10:20 – Pi

You can leave the Meet, once you have completed the spelling test and added your score to the chat.

Individual spellers – please ask a grown-up to test you.

L.I. – To make inferences from a text.

Watch the video below pausing when asked to complete the activities.




L.I. – To identify the phases of the moon.

Watch the video below:


Now have a go at the sheet:

Activity Sheet Earth Moon and Sun Labelling Diagram

Here an extra fun activity you might choose to do:

– Black t2-s-1192-earth-and-space-fortune-teller-template


Further Challenge:



Stilling Time

Have a go at the doodling activity below.

Adult Guidance – Mindfulness Doodling

Mindfulness Doodling sheets

Great work today Sycamore Class – see you tomorrow at 9:30!

Love from

Mrs Padfield 🙂