It was amazing to see so many of you in our class Zoom last Friday with Mr Turton. I know a couple of us were unable to attend the Zoom meeting so here’s a summary of the questions and answers so that you can read them and be ready to start Year 3 in September.

Will we still have two teachers in a morning? Yes, Hazel Class will be split into two groups in a morning with Mr Turton taking one group and Mrs Taylor taking the other group for Maths, English and Guided Reading.

Who will be our TAs? Mrs Corless and Mr Walling will support the class with their learning. This is great news as we have worked with both of these adults before in Holly Class.

Will we still have Golden Time and afternoon play? Yes, to start with in the Autumn term, you will still have an afternoon play to help with joining the juniors. However, the afternoon play will be dropped after a few weeks, once you have settled into class. Mr Turton also does Golden Time on a Friday afternoon.

Will I be with my friends? School is planning for all children to return in September so you will be able to play with children in your year group.

Will the work be really hard? As you get older, you brain continues grow and learn so the work will be more challenging than in Holly Class but your brain will be ready for it as you’ve worked hard to help it grow. Remember the adults in class will be there to help you as well if you find something tricky.

Where will we line up? You will line up on the Junior playground, in front of the stairs by the Acorns’ outside area. Then you will come down those stairs with Mr Turton and into class through your classroom outside door.

What time is lunch time? The Juniors have a shorter lunch time so lunch will start at 12.15 and finish at 1pm.

What will our first topic be? Mr Turton thinks that your first topic will be The Stone Age but the teachers are busy planning new topics for next year so this may change.

Will we need a PE bag? Yes you will need to bring your PE kit into school in a drawstring bag on the first day back in September.


Hopefully, this summarises the main questions asked on Friday. However, if I’ve missed something off please add it in the comments! Also if you have anymore questions, please do email me or Mr Turton and we will get back to you as soon as we can.