Welcome back to school! Who would have thought that the term would start with our learning online? Every day, we release learning for you to complete at home. This week, there will be Maths video tutorials for you to watch alongside the activity for you to complete. We are planning to hold a Google Meet/Zoom meeting at some point this week, we will be in touch via Parent App with more details, when they are available.

Here is today’s home learning:

Tuesday 5th January 2021 Home Learning

Here’s the link to Mr Garvey’s Maths Tutorial: https://youtu.be/EPonSor2olE


Here are the spelling sheets for this week, remember to choose the sheet for your group. If you’re not sure which group you belong to, check your Spelling Shed group.

Bees Spring Week 1

Bunnies Spring Week 1

Butterflies Spring Week 1

Here are the number flashcards for the Maths activity:

Number Flash cards


If you require any support, please email me using [email protected] 0r email Mr Garvey using [email protected]