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Thursday 18th June 2020 Home Learning

Here is this Maths activity sheet:

Find change


Check out this week’s Picture News.

What’s going on this week?

A mother from Northumberland recently spent £100 on a second-hand vending machine to provide an opportunity for her children to learn about money after tiring of them arguing over snacks and other items during lockdown. Mother of four, Sarah Balsdon, was getting so fed up with her children’s constant arguments she and her husband, Kyle, came up with the idea to provide them in a limited and controlled way, whilst helping the children learn how to manage money.

Listen, think, share with a grown up.

Look at this week’s poster and talk about what you can see.

  • What do you know about vending machines and how they work?
  • Have you used one before?

You and your grown should talk through this week’s story. The grown up should explain that a mum of four bought a vending machine and filled it with treats and items to help her children learn about the cost of things and to manage their own money.

  •  Do you think having a vending machine for snacks and treats is a good idea? Would we like to have one in our house?
  • What do you think about pocket money and have you ever received it?
  • What age do you think children should start receiving pocket money (if at all)? Why?
  • If you think that children should receive pocket money, should it be for completing chores around the house, or just given?
  • Do you think it’s important for young people to learn to manage money? Can you think of any other ways that you can learn about money alongside pocket money?