Holly Class Creative Writing Prompts- Monday 6th July

Holly Class Creative Writing Prompts- Monday 6th July

We are asking every child to send in a sample of writing weekly. Check out the Holly Class page for information about how to submit your child’s work.

Your child can choose an idea from the prompts below and begin to write! Your child should aim to write for no longer than 10-15 minutes.

The creative writing prompts are not compulsory so please don’t use them if you don’t need them. I’ve designed them to be used as an additional resource to support writing at home.

Here’s this week’s ideas:

Creative Writing Prompts 6.7.20

Previous resources that you may find useful:

Expanded Noun Phrases Mat

How to Write a Good Story Checklist

Instruction Verbs

Suffixes-ing-ed-er-and-est Word Mat

Suffixes-ment-ful-less-ness-and-ly Word Mat

Conjunctions:Conjunctions Word Mat

Adjectives:Inspirational Adjectives Word Mat

Time Connectives:Time Connectives Word Mat

What should I include in my creative writing?Writing Mats

Common Exception Words:CEW

100 High Frequency Words: HFW

Phonics Sound Mat: Phonics Sound Mat

Cursive alphabet upper and lower case poster: Cursive alphabet upper and lower case

Sentence Openers: Sentence Openers

In class, we talk about our ideas. Then we think of our sentence, say our sentence aloud, write our sentence and re-read our sentence. We use a green pen to start our sentence and a red pen to stop our sentence. This acts as a great prompt for using the correct punctuation.

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