The fire brigade came into school and showed us a video about what you should do when you get in a fire. You have to check the door handles with the back of our hands so you don’t burn your hand. There was a bear called ‘Smokey’ who went outside when there was a fire and had left his pet inside. He couldn’t go and save his pet because you should NEVER go back inside to a fire. He called 999 and the fire brigade came to put the fire out. When there is a fire we get out and stay out!- Sophia

If we catch on fire, we should stop, drop and roll- Finley

If the smoke comes into a room we are in, we should try to block the smoke with a duvet and towels- Elrik


It’s important that we all learn our own address incase we ever need to call for help. We also need to check our smoke alarms at home and talk to our grown-ups about an evacuation plan, incase of a fire. Most importantly, we need to make sure our bedrooms are always tidy!


We will be bringing some information home today for us to look through with a grown-up.