We are taking part in an exciting new intiative called ‘Young Leaders.’

Young Leaders’ Vision

The Archbishop of York Youth Trust was established by Dr John Sentamu, the 97th Archbishop of York, in 2009. The Youth Trust is founded on Christian values and is inclusive to all in its ethos and activities. We believe that every young person is unique, of great worth, and has the potential to change our communities for the better. We exist to empower young people to serve their generation, putting the needs of others before themselves, as displayed in the life of Jesus and people from many faith traditions.

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We have already started this inspiring program.

This week we completed our first selected challenge to read with someone younger. We chose to read with Acorn Class. The children had a lovely time and really helped Acorn Class out with sounding out their words and understanding the story.

Afterwards, we discussed what leadership qualities they used for this challenge.

They decided that they were:

  • kind
  • helpful
  • encouraging
  • good listeners
  • inclusive
  • patient
  • friendly

The children loved it so much, they would like to do it again!

We have now completed all the activities for session 1!

Our next session and set of learning about leadership activites is called: Inspirational Leaders.

We can’t wait to get started!