Here is some of the learning we have been doing in Hazel Class – as you can see we have been very busy!

Aesop’s Fables – we read and acted out different fables including: The Lion and the Mouse, The North Wind and the Sun, The Tortoise and the Hare, The Town Mouse and the Country Mouse.

In Geography we have been looking at the structure of the Earth. We made models of the Earth using differently coloured salt dough to show the different layers: Inner Core, Outer Core, Mantle and Crust. We cut them open to reveal the layers.

Maths –  constructing models of 3D shapes using sticky tack and straws to reveal the edges and vertices.

Science – Muscles. We looked at how our muscles work in our arms to lift and lower them. We identified the triceps and biceps.

We also looked at human and animal skeletons. We sorted skeletons into endoskeleton, exoskeleton and hydro-skeleton.


Science -Rocks. We started our rock topic by closely examining rocks, making accurate drawings of them and choosing key words to describe them. We also used a rock classification chart to identify the rocks..