What a busy week!

Here are some of the things we have been doing:



We have been using base ten to support our understanding of column subtraction exchanging tens for ones.


In Science we started our Animals including Humans topic by finding out about what living things need to survive. We learnt that plants can generate their own food from sunlight but animals cannot.

We looked at the different food groups we need to get a balanced diet from using the Eatwell plate.  We sorted a range of foods into the correct groups.


Sponsored Zumba!

We have so much fun today when we did our sponsored Zumba with Jess.

There were some pretty cool moves and lots of energetic children. Thank you parents for supporting us with this.


We used our sketch books to explore how to create pattern and texture.

We created our own patterns and then looked at a piece by Albrecht Durer from 1515, of a rhinoceros, where he had used pattern to create texture. We explored the use of pastels to see if they created a different effect.