We’ve really enjoyed the extra activities that have been on in school this week, such as Mindfulness and P.E. on Monday and Sports Cool Ultimate Frisbee on Friday – a great week!

English Homework

Your child should have brought home an English sheet for homework practising Time Conjunctions.

Time Conjunctions

A conjunction is a linking word such as and, or, but.

Conjunctions are used to connect words or sentences.

The words before, after, as, when, while, until, since, are also conjunctions. They tell when something happens, so they are called conjunctions of time.

For example: “Maggie could play the piano before she was five”.

Please practise:

  • Spellings for the test on Wednesday – these should be on Spelling Shed.
  • Times tables for a quick assessment on Wednesday ( about 3 minutes). Your child should know which times tables they need to practise.
  • Read at home and sign your Reading Record.

Enjoy your weekend!