It’s been a bit of a busy week in Hazel Class, the children have been amazing as usual.

This week’s homework:


This is on Mathletics. You should have your login detauils in the front of your Reading Record.

The topic is measure, so you will have a task set for you to do with mass, volume or capacity.

Also, if you get the time over the weekend and if you have some kitchen scales, have a practise at weighing some objects to find out their mass by reading the scales.

Please remember to: 

  • Read and sign your Reading Record.
  • Practise your spellings for Wednesday.
  • Practise your times tables for Thursday – remember you have written down in your Reading Record what you need to practise as Mrs Fisher was absent today and couldn’t get the test sheets back to you


I hope you all have a lovely weekend and I will see you all on Monday.

Mrs. Padfield