The first week back has flown by!

The children are really settled now and getting on with their learning.

Science Homework due in 12th November

For a change, this week’s homework is linked to our Science topic – Animals including humans.

This week we have been looking at what we need to keep healthy and have looked at food groups.

Your child has brought home a copy of the Eatwell plate.

I would like them to find some examples of each food group from the food they have at home and write them on the sheet next to the food group. 

We will be looking at food labels next week in Science so I would appreciate it if you could send some in for us to use. The children could bring in the labels from tins, cereal packets, other packet foods etc. Just the ingredients label would be fine as well.

Please don’t send in any meat packaging or any packaging that isn’t clean.

Thank you for your help!

Please practise:

  • Spellings for the test on Wednesday – these should be on Spelling Shed.
  • Times tables for a quick assessment on Wednesday ( about 3 minutes). Your child should know which times tables they need to practise.
  • Read at home and sign your Reading Record.

Have a wonderful Bonfire Night!

Mrs. Padfield