Hazel Class Homework – 11th March

Well done everyone on your amazing transition back into school life, it is a shame I cannot be there with you but I shall be back on Thursday, keep smiling.

Hazel Class Homework Due – 18th March

This week we would like you to keep a weather diary of the UK’s weather.

Over the past 3 weeks we have been looking at the UK and this week for your homework I would like you to keep a diary of the weather over the next 5 days.

Take note of what the weather is like. Think about what might be causing the weather.

As an extension you can choose anywhere else in the world and track that locations weather on the same days. See if there is a significant difference in your chosen countries wether compared to the UKs.

5 day weather diary for the UK


Handwriting Sheet 1


New spellings are ready and waiting on Spelling Shed.

Times tables 

Mr Turton’s group times tables – 7s

Mr Baird’s groups times tables – 3s and 8s


Thank you all for your continued support, please email complete homework to j.turton@ellel-st-johns.lancs.sch.uk.

Have a great weekend