Good morning everyone and welcome to Wednesday’s home learning activities.


Here is today’s maths video.

Here is today’s maths activity sheet.

Add and subtract mass

If you are looking for some more maths, follow the link to the BBC Bitesize daily maths lesson.

BBC Bitesize daily maths lesson.


Watch and enjoy the film Sky: Channel 999 Audio Description

View the extract to look at the start of this poem and how it is presented.

Once Upon a Raindrop by James Carter 

Now, read and enjoy the poem City Jungle by Pie Corbett.

Discuss the vocabulary and ideas in the poem together.

Have a look at these words, and find meanings and synonyms (similar words) using

splinters, cruise, hunched, shuffle, gargles, snarls, flinch, lashes

Now, create images/ draw pictures for each line of the poem. Then add the lines of the poem to each image just like the examples you watched and read earlier: the Sky Audio Description and Once Upon a Raindrop.

Read the poem using your images and film your performance!

Why not send it to family members and me.

If you are looking for some extra English, follow the link to the BBC Bitesize daily English lesson.

BBC Bitesize daily English lesson.


Follow the link to the PowerPoint for all the information.

Symbols and Meanings

Your task today is to create a mobile to show the main symbol associated with Islam. Use your Activity Sheet to help you.

Activity Sheet Symbol Template


Remember to complete a spelling test and learn your new spellings.

Times Tables

Remember to log-in to Times Table Rock Stars and learn your new tables.

Stilling Time

Joke Of The Day

Why did the wizard get a job as a cook?

Because he was good at sorcery.

Have a wonderful day everyone, keep smiling.