Good morning and welcome to Wednesday’s home learning activities.


In maths today we will be looking at missing number short method multiplication. The trick with these is to look at the answer and think about what numbers times together to make that and fill them in.


? 2



6 4


So, I would start this just like any other short division problem, with the ones or units.

so,  2 x 2 = 4 and that is already in the answer box.

Now I would move onto the tens.

2 x ? = 60

So I know my 2 times table, so I could go all the way through to 60, but I don’t want to be here all day, i’ve got some knitting to get on with.

so I know that 2 x 3 = 6, so 2 x 30 = 60. When we add that into our problem and check it, it all fits and works well.



3 2



6 4


Here are todays maths questions, there are 30 on here but you defiantly do not have to do all 30.

Mild Missing number

Spicy Missing Number

Hot Missing Number


In English today I would like you to have a go at this SPaG activity. Today we are looking at fronted adverbials.

Fronted adverbials link


Also check on SpellingShed for your new spellings.


In RE today I would like you to think about, what do Christians do to show they are following the rules?

Think about the rules God has given to Christians.

Think about the stories and messages that Jesus spoke.

Think about the 10 commandments, and how Christians show they are following these rules.

Write a job description for a “Super Christian” or write a guide book for someone who has just become a Christian and what they need to know on how to live their lives now.


Stilling time today is a Hazel Class classic, get up and dance and sing to this one. I know  you know it…

Today’s joke of the day comes from Lexi and it is really bright.


How do light bulbs send letters?

By Lamp post!


Excellent joke Lexi, keep posting them in.


Have a great day everyone, keep smiling.