It was great to see you yesterday, here are today’s home learning activities. Remember to send in at least 1 piece of maths and English to either or


Here is today’s maths video.

100 Square


Today I would like you to plan your own mystery story. Remember to include all of the features we have been looking at that make a good mystery story.

A main character

A setting

A mystery that needs solving

Be sure to include,

Describing the 5 senses.

sentences that end with an ellipsis…

Metaphors and similes for description.

Short snappy sentences to build tension.

Mild Template

Hot / Spicy Template

Tomorrow in our live lesson we are going to share some of our plans and improve them by using 2 stars and a wish.

Stilling Time

Have a go at peer massage today.

Daily Massage Routine


We’re learning about Earthquakes in topic today. We will learn what you should do in one, whether Earthquakes have the same strength and why Earthquakes happen.

Watch Mr Baird’s video to find out more.

Mr Baird’s video link Pause the video 50 seconds in and watch the link below.

Dr Binocs Show 

Poster Activity:

Mild Earthquake Poster Template

Hot/Spicy Earthquake Poster Template

Here’s a little experiment to try! Using a material suitable to build something (e.g. wooden blocks, dominoes, lego, K-Nex, cans of food, lots of coins, pencils with blu-tac). Make a building on top of a table (or a tray) and see and hear what happens if you gently shake it.

Let’s see Mr Baird’s attempt!


What were the teachings of Guru Nanak?

1. Never forget the poor.

2. There is one God.

3. Women are equal to men.

4. Running away to a forest won’t give you enlightenment.

5. These five evils are probably ruining your life. (Ego, Anger, Greed, Attachment and Lust)

6. Find your own guru.

7.  Be selfless.

8.  Fight superstition of any kind.

9. Simplicity is beautiful.

10. Travel!

How can we live our own lives by these teachings?

Which of these teaching do you feel is the most important?

Would you change any?


Have a great day and keep smiling.