Good morning everyone and welcome to Wednesday’s home learning activities.


Here is today’s maths video.

Here is today’s activity sheet.

Horizontal and vertical

If you are looking for some extra maths today, follow the link to the BBC Bitesize daily lesson.

BBC Bitesize Daily Maths Lesson 


Hot air balloons

How does a hot air balloon work?

Watch the clip and read the information on the web page below:

What is a Hot Air Balloon?

Explore any vocabulary that is unfamiliar, e.g. suspended, altitude, resistant, navigate.

Use a dictionary to find the definitions of these words.

Word Hippo Dictionary

Read through The History of The Hot Air Balloon section from this website

Write down five facts that you have found out.

Now enjoy watching some real hot air balloons on the clips below:

Hot Air Balloon Mass Ascent – Balloon Festival Barnstorf 2019 – (Up to 3:30 mins)

Colourful Time-Lapse of Hot Air Balloons in New Mexico – Short Film Showcase (spelt colorful in this American video).

If you are looking for some extra English work today, follow the link to the BBC Bitesize daily English lesson.

BBC Bitesize Daily English Lesson


Please go on spelling shed and learn your new spellings. I am asking that from next Wednesday, you do a mini spelling test like we would do in school and see how you get on, it would be great to hear your scores.

Times Tables

As Wednesday would have been our times table test day, take some time to revise your tables.

Play on Hit the Button as we would do in class.

Hit the button

Remember to log on to Times Tables Rock Stars to help learn and practice your tables. If you do not have your login details, email me at and I can send them to you.


In RE today we will be looking at special festivals in Islam. Follow the PowerPoint below for some more information.

Special Festivals 1

Special Festivals 2

In your exercise books answer these questions.

What is Ramadan celebrating?

What special things do Muslims do during Ramadan?

What does fast mean?

Stilling Time 

In stilling time today I would like you to join Mr Catman in space and join in.

Mr Turton’s Joke of The Day.

What do you call a donkey with one leg?

A wonky donkey.


Have a great day everyone, keep smiling.