Good morning everyone and welcome to the first day of July and Wednesday’s home learning activities.


Here is today’s maths video.

Here is today’s maths activity sheet.

Recognise and describe 3D shapes

If you are looking for some extra maths follow the link to the BBC Bitesize daily maths lesson.

BBC Bitesize daily maths lesson



Watch and enjoy this clip, Marshmallows short film

Discuss these questions together:

How was the boy feeling when the monster appeared behind him?

What made the boy change his feelings towards the monster?

You are now going to retell the story from the boy’s point of view (as if you were the boy).

Remember to write your story as if you are the boy. Write in the past tense. As you write, try to include how you are feeling throughout.

Look at this structure to help with your writing.

You were happily toasting marshmallows on your campfire.

A monster sneaked up behind you from out of the lake. You were terrified!

Monster saw a marshmallow and began to drool. You offered the marshmallow to the monster.

Monster wanted more so you happily gave him more until you ran out of marshmallows!

Monster turned angry and chased you. You saw your pillow and grabbed it to hide behind. 

Monster mistook pillow for a big marshmallow so you took your chance to run off!

As you write, try to include some Year 3 sentence types.

Use adverbs – suddenly, silently, soon, next, eventually, etc.

Use prepositions for where – above, below, beneath, within, outside, beyond, etc.

If you are looking for some extra English follow the link to the BBC Bitesize daily English lesson.

BBC Bitesize daily English lesson.


Well done to everyone still using Spelling Shed, have a go at a spelling test today and let me know how you get on, new spellings have been added so make sure you are learning them.

Times Tables

Use Times Tables Rock Stars to continue to learn your tables.


Watch this video clip about the Qur’an.

You can write key information down whilst watching the video to help you with the next task

Video clip about the Qur’an

Your task today is to create a presentation about the Qur’an. Use the information sheet below to help you.

Information to help with presentation sheet

Quiz Time

Quiz Answers 

Stilling Time

Today I would like you to say or write down 5 kind wishes for people in your lives. These can be anything you feel that person may need. e.g I wish that the children of Hazel Class always start the day with a big happy smile.

Joke of The Day

What is black and white and red all over?

A sunburnt zebra.


Have a great day everyone, keep smiling.