Good Morning everyone and welcome to Wednesday’s home learning activities.

From this week, we are asking parents to send one piece of English and Maths work a week,  to their child’s class teacher, so we can see how they are getting on. You can email me any pictures of work to Feel free to send more if you are doing so already or wish to. I will then post work sent on our Friday blog post which looks at all the amazing work we have done in the week.

We have also enabled an upload feature to our blog posts, so you can upload images there that we can then approve as staff. As we don’t want to overload the website, storage space is limited, any attachments are restricted to 1mgb. I know you are all very busy and juggling lots of different things but it would be great to see a piece of work from you. If you are having any issues or difficulties with this please email me and I will be happy to help.

Here is today’s maths video.

Here is today’s maths activity.

Measure perimeter

In English today read these poems about flight. As you read, jot down any interesting words or phrases about flight.

If I Could Fly

The Leaf’s Lament 

Flight of the Wild Bird

One Small Bird – various poems about birds, some of which focus on flight – all written by school children

What would you do if you could fly? Where would you go?

What would you see? Would you visit a special place?

Write you own poem about flight. You may wish to use the title If I Could Fly, If I Had Wings, or create your own title. Try to use some of the interesting vocabulary you’ve collected from the poems you’ve read. You could also use a thesaurus to find synonyms for your words.


Don’t worry about making your poem rhyme – it doesn’t need to! Your poem can just be a series of sentences about what you would do if you could fly.

Write your poem out neatly, illustrate it and share it with members of your household.


In PE today follow along with Mr Garvey’s PE challenge.


In RE today we are going to be looking at special places. Follow the PowerPoint below for some more information.

Special Places

Follow this link to watch a video about The Mosque 

In RE today I would like you to complete the activity below.

If you have junk modelling material, can you make a model of a Mosque.

You could use an old shoebox to make it look like the inside of a mosque.

Remember to include the key features we have discussed today.

If you don’t have modelling materials, don’t worry, you can draw and label the inside of a Mosque.

In stilling time today follow along with the GoNoodle video.


Mr Turton’s Joke of the day

Why did the banana go to the doctors?

Because he wasn’t peeling very well.


Have a great day everyone, keep smiling.