Good morning everyone and welcome to Wednesday’s home learning activities.


Today I would like to recap multiplication and division. Have a go at the sheets below. You do not have to do all of them but give them ago.

3 Times Table Word Search

4 Times Table Word Search

8 Times Table Word search

Multiplication Triangles Sheet


Inverted commas, or speech marks, show when people are actually speaking.

I’m beginning to understand,” he said.

The punctuation at the end of the spoken words always comes inside the final set of inverted commas.

“I can’t hold on any longer!” Alex cried.

You may see single (‘ ’) or double (“ ”) inverted commas, depending on what you are reading. It is important to use the same style across work for consistency.

Here are today’s activity sheets.

Mild – Inverted Commas

Spicy – Inverted commas paragraph

Hot – Inverted commas paragraph

Stilling Time


This is our final lesson for our Extreme Earth Topic and today, we’re learning about Tornadoes!

First, watch The Dr Binocs Show. Then afterwards, have a think about these questions!

How would you describe a Tornado to someone?

What should you do to keep safe from one?

Scientists use special vehicles called Tornado Intercept Vehicles (see image below) to film and learn more about Tornadoes.

Why do you think they use vehicles such as these instead of a car?

Find out here! Tornado Vehicle

Now we know about Tornadoes, let’s get busy!

Watch Mr Baird’s video to find out more.

Activities (you do not have to complete them all!)

  1. Build your own Tornado Intercept Vehicle (Lego would be best!) Then, test its strength by creating a Tornado atmosphere by using a hairdryer or a fan – your vehicle should not move!
  2. Make a Tornado in a jar (see Mr Baird’s video above).
  3. Write a poem about Tornados in the shape of a Tornado. Use the template to help.

Tornado poem template


Have a great day everyone and ill see you tomorrow for our last meet of the half term.