Hello everyone and welcome to Tuesday’s home learning.


Join us at 11am today when we will be discussing subtraction.

Today in maths we will be recapping subtraction.

Mild subtraction sheet

Spicy and Hot subtraction sheet


Join us at 11am today when we will be discussing today’s English activities.

Today in English we are going to be looking at an explanation text and how this differs from a set of instructions.

How Pointless works


Pointless is 45 minutes long and each episode has four teams of two contestants trying to suggest correct but little-known answers to general knowledge questions. The aim is to score the lowest number of points. People at home can guess the answers too, making it fun to watch.


General idea

In the programme, players try to choose an obscure answer to a general knowledge question. Each question has previously been asked to 100 people in a survey. The idea is to suggest an answer that was given by the least number of the 100 people. Those correct answers that not one of the 100 people gave are termed ‘pointless’. The more ‘pointless’ answers given the greater the jackpot prize money becomes.



First Rounds

Each team takes turns to suggest an answer to a themed question. They try to score as few points as possible, by answering correctly but with an answer they think very few people in the pre-show survey will have suggested. Teams score a point for each person in the survey who answered with the same answer as them. If this is no-one, then they score zero as a result. This is a ‘pointless’ answer and adds £250 to the final Jackpot. There are two first rounds. A wrong answer adds 100 points to a team’s score.


Head-to-head Round

In this round the remaining two teams go head-to-head, trying to find the lowest scoring answer for a series of questions. The winning team go through to the final round.


Final ‘Jackpot’ Round

In the final round the one remaining team can suggest three possible answers to a question. If one of their answers is ‘pointless’ they win the jackpot money. If not, the money rolls over to the next week.



An ‘expert’ presenter provides background to the questions and explains how many possible correct answers there are.



Pointless is a successful gameshow programme, which has run for over ten years. It is a fun programme to join in with at home, trying to beat the contestants.


Explanation texts are written in the 3rd person to create an impersonal voice; these are facts not opinions.

Instructions are written in the 2nd person to make it clear to the reader what they need to do.


Today’s activity

Read How Countdown Works as well as the Countdown – Instructions for letters round.

Then cut out each feature and study it, think about whether it is a feature of instructions or explanations or both.

Finally, stick or write each feature into the appropriate place on the Venn diagram.

Features of explanation and instructions

Venn Diagram

Stilling Time

Yoga Snake Pose Step by step instructions


Are dinosaurs real?

  • What evidence do you have that they are real or not real?
  • Where does the evidence come from?

We’re learning about Fossils today!

Watch the video to see how fossils are formed


Have a go at making your own fossils by mixing together:

1 cup of salt

2 cups flour

3/4 cup water

See Mr Baird’s fossil making skills!

Mr Baird’s fossil


If you like, have a go or talk through the activity to explain the fossilisation process.

Fossil process activity

Fossil process answers



Have a great day everyone and keep smiling.