Hello everyone, see you at 11 for today’s live lesson.


Join us today at 11Am for today’s live lesson all about finding fractions of amounts.

Extra Mild- Fractions of Amounts

Mild – Frctions of Amounts

Spicy – Fractions of Amounts

Hot – Fractions of Amounts


Join us at 11AM for today’s live lesson as we discuss formal tone.

Your task today is to copy and rewrite the underlined words/phrases below in a more formal tone using the present

tense and third person!

Informal Extract – Activity Sheet

Informal Extract – Activity Sheet Answers

Stilling Time

As this week is mental health week, have a go at this activity.

Birthday cake breathing

Sit in a chair and place you hands on your bellies.

Make your left hand into a fist and to imagine that this is a cake.

Inhale, pretending to smell the cake.

Exhale, pretending to blow out the candle.

Continue this for a few minutes.


Now try this GoNoodle activity.

GoNoodle Link


Light is a beam of energy that travels in a wave from a source.

A wave of light can only travel in a straight line.

Waves of light are called light rays.


Try this activity to demonstrate how light travels:

•Punch holes in the centre of three equal-sized pieces of card.
•Hold the pieces of card so that the holes line up.
•Shine a torch so that the beam of light can travel straight through the holes.


What happens if you move one of the pieces of card so the holes don’t line up?

When you moved one of your pieces of card so the holes did not line up, the card blocked the ray of light. This is because light can only travel in a straight line, so it can not travel around the card.

Some objects, like the card, block light well and don’t let any get through.  These objects are called opaque.

Other things let some light through, but scatter the light so we can’t see through them properly. These things are called translucent.

Transparent objects let light travel through them easily.


Can you think of some items that are opaque, translucent and


Look around your house for ideas!

Opaque objects do not let any light through.

They completely block the light and stop it travelling any further.

These objects create shadows.

Shadows are areas of darkness where light has been blocked.


Here is today’s activity

Isaac has a new baby sister.

She is a very good baby, but she keeps crying early in the morning because too much light is getting into her bedroom and waking her up.

Isaac wants to choose the best material to make some new curtains for her bedroom.

What material should he use to make them?


Draw curtains on the window on your Activity Sheet, and label them to show which material they are made out of. Write a message to Isaac to explain to him why you chose this material.

Think about how you could tell it blocked light and why this would be useful.


Choosing Materials For Curtains


Have a go at today’s PE challenge.


Have a great day everyone, keep smiling.