Hello and welcome to Tuesdays home learning.

A quick message from me to say well done to all of you on your continued hard work. I would also like to say that the work I set each day is a guide, so I don’t want you to feel pressured to try and do it all. Do as much as you can and then come back to things you don’t finish when you want to. I want you to have fun and enjoy work as much as you do in school, so keep going, keep working hard and keep smiling, you’ve got this!


In maths today we will be looking at multiplication problems. Using your times table knowledge will help with these but if you need some extra help I have attached a multiplication square.

Multiplication Square

The first method you can try is the called short multiplication. Here is a quick video to remind you on how we would do that.

Short Multiplication Method

The second method you can use when solving multiplication problems is the grid method, if you prefer to use this when solving multiplication problems use this.


Today in maths you can use either of these methods to answer the multiplication problems below.

Even though they are set out in the short multiplication way, it is fine to partition and complete as a grid method problem if you’d like.

Multiplication Problems


Following our SPaG week in English, today we will be looking at how to write in the first, second or third person.

First, Second or Third person

Now, once you have completed the little activity online, write a sentence for each person. E.g First, second and third.


In science we are going to continue looking at light. Follow the powerpoint below.

Light and Dark Presentation

Now complete these activities.

Activity Sheet Light Mind Map – Print this out if you’d like but if not write notes in your exercise books.

Light Sources Sorting Cards – Think and explain if each item gives out light or not.


Stilling time today.


Mr Turton’s Joke of The Day.

What do you call an old snowman?

A puddle

Have a great day Hazel class.


Mr Turton