Hello again and welcome to day 2 of home learning. I hope you enjoyed yesterday and challenged yourself with all the work.


Fischy music are live streaming a regular assembly singalong on Mondays at 11am. They are playing some classics that we sing a lot at school and some new songs too.

Here is the link to the assembly from yesterday on YouTube if you would like to view it and sing-a-long with your family – its great fun! Don’t forget to get a grown up to help you log in. Skip to 9 minutes and 20 seconds for the start of the action!


Maths, using yesterdays knowledge have a go at these addition word problems.

English, following our SPaG unit, today we will be continuing to look at main clauses and making sentences make sense.

Science- In science, have a look at the flowers and see if you can name the different parts. Then draw a flower and label all the different parts.

Hazel Class Day 2 Work – Maths, English and Science

For stilling time today take a few moments and have ago at this Gonoodle activity.

Mr Turton’s joke of the day.

What happens to a frog’s car when it breaks down?

It gets toad away. 😉

Have an amazing day everybody and remember to keep smiling.