Good morning everybody and welcome to Tuesday’s home learning tasks.

In maths today, I would like you to complete these addition word problems. Remember to read them carefully to understand what sum you need to do.

Mild- Mild- Addition Word Problems

Spicy- Spicy- Addition Word Problems

Hot- Hot- Addition Word Problems


Click here to read the book – The Twits – By Roald Dahl

Today I would like you to re-read and enjoy the following chapters.

Mr Twit

Dirty Beards

Your task today is to highlight all the information you read about Mr Twit. Don’t worry if you cannot print this off. You could take notes in your exercise book.

Now create a fact file, poster or Top Trumps card about Mr Twit using the information you have read.

Check spelling and punctuation in each sentence together.


Our new Science topic is all about Light. So as our first lesson here is a quick video with lots of information.

Watch this video and make a poster about light, include everything you already know about light.

Light Video


Stilling time today is tricky and I had to have a few goes before I got close.

Mr Turton’s Joke of the day.

What’s the difference between England and a teabag?
A teabag could stay in the cup for longer.


Have a great day today, have fun and keep smiling.