Good morning everyone and welcome back to Tuesday’s home learning activities.

From this week, we are asking parents to send one piece of English and Maths work a week,  to their child’s class teacher, so we can see how they are getting on. You can email me any pictures of work to Feel free to send more if you are doing so already or wish to. I will then post work sent on our Friday blog post which looks at all the amazing work we have done in the week.

We have also enabled an upload feature to our blog posts, so you can upload images there that we can then approve as staff. As we don’t want to overload the website, storage space is limited, any attachments are restricted to 1mgb. I know you are all very busy and juggling lots of different things but it would be great to see a piece of work from you. If you are having any issues or difficulties with this please email me and I will be happy to help.

Watch today’s video before starting.

Here is today’s activity sheet.

Subtract lengths Activity Sheet

In English today, watch and enjoy this clip from Peter Pan.

Imagine that you are Wendy. You are writing a letter to you best friend to tell them all about your first experience of flying. (See the example below).

Think about the events that happened to you, how you were sprinkled with dust and then how you could fly. What did you see as you were flying? How did you feel as you were flying?

Try to include some of the new words that you found for flying yesterday.

Could you also include some prepositions (describing position or direction) in your description? E.g. above, below, beneath, within, outside, beyond.

Example Letter

Dear …,

You won’t believe what happened to me today! I have been flying! Peter, from Neverland, sprinkled some magic fairy dust on me and I could fly! We all soared up into the sky and glided past the tallest of buildings. At one point we were right next to Big Ben! (Etc.)

Remember to read back through your work to check that it makes sense. Check that you have punctuated your work correctly.

In Science today we will be looking at changing shadows. Follow the PowerPoint below to understand how we can change shadows.

Changing Shadows

You will set up an investigation to find an answer to this question. You will use a torch, a ruler or metre stick, and an object.

You will measure the shadow of the object at different distances from the torch (the light source).

Think about what you will do to answer the question, and what you think you will find out. Use the Comic Strip Planner Activity Sheet to plan your investigation and make your prediction.

Activity Sheet Comic Strip Planner

Activity Sheet Results and Patterns – Mild, Spicy and Hot

In stilling time today follow along with Mrs O’Donnell’s stilling time activity.

Today’s joke of the day.

One day a man was in a restaurant and shouted, “Waiter Waiter there’s a slug in my salad!”

The waiter quickly replied, “I’m very sorry sir, would you like a snail?”


Have a great day today everyone, keep smiling.