Hello everyone and welcome to Tuesday’s home learning.

It was wonderful seeing all the 3D shapes yesterday, well done all. Today in maths I would like you to follow the link and complete the activity all about sorting 3D shapes.

3D Shapes Sorting


In English today we are moving onto a new topic looking at – Crocodile facts and films, followed by stories and poems.

View this film about crocodiles and enjoy finding out about them together:

National Geographics Kids – Amazing Animals

Now watch this film and enjoy together:

Crocodile – My Animal Friends

Watch the film clips again. View a small section of each film at a time, pause the film, discuss key facts and write them down. Also write down any new vocabulary you have encountered. Repeat until the film is ended.

Discuss and review all the information you have found out about crocodiles.

Look up some of the new words you have heard in a dictionary or by using Word Hippo

Create a fact file/ poster about crocodiles.

Challenge – to include ten sentences about crocodiles in the fact file/poster. Consider writing as if you were a crocodile using the information, e.g.

I am…

I eat…

I only…

I like…

If I am angry, I …


Check spelling and punctuation in each sentence together.


In Science today, we are going to be looking at reflective surfaces. Watch the following clip and think about these 3 things.

What does it look like if a material reflects light well?

Which colours do you think reflect most light?

What are reflective materials useful for?

BBC Clip



The Brilliant Bags Company want to make a new book bag for children to use to carry their things to and from school.

They want to make sure the bag helps children stay safe while walking near roads on dark mornings or evenings.

They have decided to put a reflective strip on the book bag, so that drivers can see the book bag easily when their car headlights shine on it.

Your task is to think about what materials you think will make excellent reflective surfaces to keep the children safe.

If you have items available, you can test out your theory. Using a torch and different materials.

If not don’t worry, write down in your exercise book the materials in which you think will make a good reflective surface.

Below is a online of the school bag in which you can design and label.

Bag Design


For stilling time today, put on this song and have a go at peer massage.

Today’s joke of the day comes from Poppy

What happens when the queen burps?
She issues a royal pardon.

Very funny joke Poppy, keep them coming in.


Have a great day today everyone and remember, keep smiling.