Hello and welcome to the last day of this week. I can’t believe how quick these weeks are going. However, before we finish for the bank holiday weekend, we have a special Celebration Assembly with Mrs Thomas and Craig.


Today in maths we are going to be looking at lines. Here is a quick video to recap all we know about lines. You don’t need to worry about intercepting lines.

Lines Video 

For today’s maths task I would like you to look around your home and see if you can spot examples of each type of line. In year 3 we look at

Horizontal line – remember like the horizon at the beach.

Vertical line – remember going up and down like the v.

Parallel lines – like train tracks that never meet.

Perpendicular lines – lines that meet at a right angle.

It would be excellent to see examples of these lines around your homes, so make sure to take pictures and send them in.


English today read together and/or listen on YouTube to Chapter Four –

The Museum Thieves

Both links below.

Flat Stanley to read

Flat Stanley – version on YouTube (from 13:50 – 23:59mins):

After reading this chapter, discuss what happened together.

Start to think about creating a newsflash script for Flat Stanley and the museum


See below a newsflash example from Sesame Street to help with ideas as to how to create a newsflash:

Use these sentence starters to help write your newsflash:

Good morning and welcome to….

Today we have some breaking news about…

Flat Stanley is a hero because…

He helped the museum owner by…

Flat Stanley is here now to explain what happened…

Interview Flat Stanley


Thank you very much for helping the police.

That’s all for now… etc.

Write, perform and record your own newsflash


VE Day Activity – As today is the last day of the week I have attached a website full of good looking recipes for you to try over the VE Day celebration weekend. Have fun baking and make sure you send me some pictures of your delicious creations.


For stilling time today join Jamie for a story.

Jokes of the day, yes thats right,  jokes of the day!, come from Lyla and Harvey.

Knock Knock

Who’s there?


Police who?

Police tell me another joke.


What did the cheese say to himself in the mirror?



What did the traffic light say to the car?

Don’t look I’m changing!


What is the key to a banana?

A monkey!


Why did Jack put his guitar in the freezer?

So that he could play some cool music!


Now for book club with the France’s,

Harvey’s favourite book – Bubbles in the bath by Iva Windybottom

Lyla’s  favourite book – Rusty Bed Springs by I.P Nightly


Thank you for the jokes Lyla and Harvey they were wonderful to see!


Have a great weekend and Keep smiling everybody.