Good morning everyone and welcome Thursday’s home learning activities.


Join us today at 11am as we discuss how to compare fractions.

We can use diagrams to look at two fraction circles with the relevant fractions shaded.

comparing fractions example 1

These diagrams clearly show that: 3/4 is the smaller of the two fractions as less of the diagram is shaded.


Here is another example.

Which of these fractions is bigger?

comparing fractions example 2

As you can see on the fraction circles, they both take up the same amount of space so both fractions are equal.

2/8  =    1/4


Here are today’s activity sheets.

Mild – Comparing Fractions

Spicy – Comparing Fractions

Hot – Comparing Fractions


Imagine you are writing a non-chronological report about Ice Hockey.

Create a list of everything you would need to find out about this sport in order to write a report about it.

Here is a website with lots of useful information about Ice Hockey.

Website Link – Ice Hockey facts

Today we are going to plan our own non-chronological report on a topic of your choice.

Conduct research in preparation for writing a non-chronological report. You should choose a topic you are passionate about.

Use the internet and non-fiction books to help you with your research.

Remember when using the internet, if you see anything inappropriate, turn off your screen and tell an adult.

Using this planning sheet, plan your non-chronological report.

Super Mild Planning Sheet

Mild Planning Sheet.

Planning Sheet


Stilling Time

In stilling time today I would like you to have a go at some mindful colouring. Take a look at the pictures below and colour in your favourite.

Mindful Colouring – 1

Mindful Colouring – 2

Mindful Colouring – 3


Bonne après-midi la classe! (Good afternoon class!)

Last week, we were learning about numbers, which ones can you remember?

Today, we are going to use our amazing french number skills to answer the question…

‘Quel âge as-tu?’ (Pronounced kell, arge, a, to). It means ‘How old are you?’ And you can answer this question by answering ‘J’ai (french number) ans’. 

For example: Question: Quel âge as-tu? (How old are you?)

Answer: J’ai sept ans (I am seven years old).

Listen to this song


Hot Quel âge as-tu?

Mild Quel âge as-tu?




Look on Spelling shed for your new spellings. We will be doing our spelling test today on Google meet.

Mr Baird Group 1 Answers

Mr Baird Group 2 Answers

Mr Turton Group Answers



Left Handed – Cursive

Left Handed – Non Cursive

Right Handed – Cursive

Right Handed – Non Cursive

Times Tables

Be ready for our times table test today, we will then tell you next weeks tables on the meet.

For today’s times table test make sure you have either printed the correct sheet or have a piece of paper handy to write down your answers.

8 x tables questions for our meeting

8 x tables answers

Have a great day everyone, keep smiling.