Hello again and welcome back to Thursdays instalment of home learning.

Hazel Class Day 9 Work – Maths, English and PE

In maths today we will be looking at the duration of events. Have a look at the sheets and complete the questions either in your books or by printing them out.

In English today we are going to be thinking about how to end the story.

Yesterday you created your clues, today you need to plan what mystery has taken place and how your main character is going to resolve it.

After following the clues you created how does your character solve the mystery?

This is going to be the ending of your story, our conclusion. Think carefully to make sure it makes sense and that you’re happy with the ending.

There may even be a twist leading to sequels and possibly a film adaptation. The possibilities are endless.


For PE today I would like you to complete the Joe Wicks morning work out.



For stilling time today, I would like you to read your book in a quiet place and take some time to do some breathing exercises. This could even be, ‘take a breath’..

Unfortunately you need an account to Gonoodle to access the real video which we watch. I have found this one though, enjoy.



Mr Turton’s joke of the day.

Why did the can crusher quit his job?

Because it was soda pressing.


Have a great day everyone.