Good morning everyone, see you later for our spellings and times table tests. Here are today’s home learning tasks.




We will meet at 11 and discuss our plans and then hear some and say what we liked about that plan and one way it could improve.

Stilling Time

Most of us breathe incorrectly, especially when we are in a stressful situation. Think about their belly like it is a balloon. Breathe in deep to fill the balloon, and breathe out to deflate it. Repeat this simple process 5 times and notice the effects.


Last week, we spoke about the question ‘Comment t’appelles tu?’ – which means ‘What is your name?’ Do you remember how you would answer that?

You would say ‘Je m’appelle’ and then say your name.

Have a quick practice with someone you live with!


Today, we’re going to learn some French numbers.

Watch this video to find out what they are and how to say them!

French Numbers video

After you’ve watched the video, have a go at matching up the French numbers to the pictures. When you’re counting the pictures, try and count up in French, for example, un, deux, trois, quatre….etc.

French Numbers

French Numbers activity

Optional extra: French Numbers wordsearch


Look on Spelling shed for your new spellings. We will be doing our spelling test today on Google meet.

Hazel Class A

Hazel Class B

Hazel Class C


Left handed – Cursive

Left Handed – Non Cursive

Right Handed – Cursive

Right Handed – Non Cursive

Times Tables

Be ready for our times table test today, we will then tell you next weeks tables on the meet.

For today’s times table test make sure you have either printed the correct sheet or have a piece of paper handy to write down your answers.

I will be showing the questions on my screen for the duration of the test, so if you cannot print them off you will still be able see them.

4 Times Table Questions for our Meet

8 Times Table Questions for our Meet