Welcome back to Thursday’s home learning.

Before we start today I would like you all to watch this video about growth mindset. Now we have spoken about this in class many times and I would like to remind you all that you can do anything with a little bit of patience and practice.

Never think that something is too hard and that you should give up, keep on trying, you will get there. It might take lots of tries and it might feel like you’re never going to do it, but keep trying and keep smiling and you will achieve it.


Take a look below for today’s learning activities.


In maths today we will be looking at counting in tenths.

Here is todays maths sheet.

Lesson 4-Count in tenths

In English today from the ideas and episodes viewed yesterday, create your own ‘shoe people’ from the shoes in your house which you may have explored earlier in the week.

Give each shoe a name and then create a house for each of your shoes to live in. Describe it, e.g.

Walter the walking boot lives in a … house.

It has…

It is…

Create your own episode for The Shoe People series using your new shoe people from your house.

Create a storyboard/cartoon strip for your new episode with speech bubbles.

Examples are here to look at before you create your own cartoon strip:



Here are a couple of blank cartoon strips that you can print out if you’d like, or you can simply draw your own boxes.




Check all sentences for spelling and punctuation together.

Today in Art we will be learning how to use texture to make our drawings more interesting. Follow the link below to the art lesson.

Art Lesson Link

Join Mr CatMan for today’s stilling time activity.


Today’s joke of the day comes from Daniel F.

Why were King Arthur’s soldiers so tired on the 1st April?
Because they had just completed a 31 day March!!

A great joke Daniel, thank you for sending it in.


I hope you all enjoy today’s learning activities and have a great day, remember to keep doing cartwheels.