Hello and welcome to the last catch up before the Easter holidays. Here are some of  the many pictures I’ve received.

Again I have been blow anyway by the amount and quality of work you have been doing, well done everyone.


J B News with a great news report on the events of Easter.


                              Ethan Roser in Antartica

The Capital Of England Isaac work

All this really good work Isaac has done.


Charlotte’s great mystery story is coming along nicely. Watch this space for the final edition. This super news report of the events of Easter.


Poppy has written a great mystery story and produced an excellent UK poster.


The Empty Museum

Some excellent work produced by Mark. A super poster and an amazing mystery story linked to maths.


Adelaide’s Mystery of The Pink Shoes

A great mystery story written by Adelaide.


Well done everyone excellent work. Keep those emails coming in.


Happy Easter and stay safe from Mr Turton.