Good morning everyone, it was great to see so many of you on our zoom call last Friday. I especially enjoyed seeing and hearing all about the things you have achieved during lock down.

Here are today’s learning activities.


In maths this week will be looking at measurements.

Here is today’s video.

Today’s maths activity sheet.

Measure length


In English this week we will be looking at exploring characters from different stories and finding new vocabulary. At the end of the week, decide which character is your favourite!

Read and enjoy Chapter One of Mister Cleghorn’s Seal by Judith Kerr

(You will need to register with LoveReading4Kids to view the extract. Membership is free).

After reading, discuss new and interesting vocabulary which you have read, e.g. edition, rearranging, newfangled, sum, stir, janitor, retreated.

Write down the new vocabulary and use to explore similar words (synonyms) to help you understand them.

Create a character chart about Mister Cleghorn. Write down all the things you have found out about him.


Where does he live?

What was his job? 

What does he like doing?

How old do you think he is? Say why. 

Which other characters are there?

Anything else you know?


In French today I would like you to watch the video below.


In stilling time today, have a go at peer massage with a sibling or parent.


Mr Turton’s Joke of The Day.

What’s a banana peel’s favourite type of shoe?



All the best today, keep smiling.