Good morning everyone and welcome to the last week of the half-terms home learning. It’s not what anyone wants to be doing but you have made it and hopefully soon we can all be back together at school. Until then have fun and keep smiling.


This week in maths we are going to be recapping everything we have learned over the past half term. Today we are looking at column addition.

Mild – Column Method 2 Digit + 2 Digit Activity Sheet

Spicy – Column Method 3 Digit + 2 Digit Activity Sheet

Hot – Column Method 3 Digit + 3 Digit Activity Sheet


Today we are going to have another look at conjunctions. Follow the link to todays videos and activities.

BBC Bitesize link

Underline all the conjunctions you can see in the sentences below.

  • I want to play on the roundabout and on the swings.
  • My brother wanted to have spaghetti for tea but I wanted pizza.
  • Tony went to his dad’s house after his karate class finished.
  • Katy had to tidy her room because it was a mess.
  • Aarav couldn’t have a biscuit until he had eaten his carrots.


Stilling Time


I have set a final typing challenge on Purple Mash, this week type in the words using the whole keyboard.


What do you think the body needs to give it energy? [Food, water, oxygen]

What else do you think the body needs to keep healthy? [Exercise, sleep, hygiene etc]

What happens to your heart when you do some vigorous exercise? Why does that happen? [The heart beats faster to pump more energy round the body]

What sort of things do you think are helpful to the body and what sort of things are harmful? Are there any that can be both helpful and harmful? [e.g. medicines are designed to be helpful by treating medical conditions but can be harmful if not used correctly]

Listen to the song below, do each action after each line as suggested

Feel Good Groove

Clap your hands [clap,clap, clap]

Stamp your feet [stamp, stamp, stamp]

Shake your hips [shake, shake, shake]

Feel the beat [click fingers in time with the beat]


Arms in the air [put arms in air]

Make your body move [shake arms in air]

Turn around [turn on the spot] and that’s when you’ve

Really got the feel good groove

In the instrumental section you can try some of the following actions:

  • Fold your arms one way and then the other
  • Pat your hand and rub your tummy – swap over
  • Chop with one hand and saw with the other – swap over
  • Your own ideas or theirs

Step to the side [step to the left]

With your feet [step back to the right]

Forwards and back [step forward then back]

Feel the beat [click fingers in time with the beat]

Have a great day everyone keep smiling.