Hello everyone and I hope you had chance to chillllll out at the weekend. Here are today’s home learning activities.

Remember to send in at least one piece of maths and one piece of English work this week. Thank you for your continued support.


This week in maths we will be looking at division.

Here is today’s video link.

Here is today’s activity sheet.

Mild – Divide 2 Digits by 1 digit

Spicy and Hot- Divide 2 Digits by 1 digit

Answers- Answers – Divide 2 digits by 1 digit 1


Every good story has an even better main character.

Today I would like yous to design and describe your main character for your very own mystery story.

Female Character Description

Male Character Description


Stilling Time

For centuries, Yogis have understood the calming power of bringing the head below the level of the heart, otherwise known as inversion. Whether it’s relaxing in child’s pose, bending over to touch your toes, or practicing a headstand, inverting the body has a restorative effect on the autonomic nervous system, which controls the body’s response to stress.

Have a go at either

Childs pose

Touching your toes

In a safe environment – a head stand


I have set you a challenge on Purple Mash. This time I would like you to pop the bubbles by pressing the key that has that letter of number on it. Set the speed to one in which you are commutable and then see if you can speed up your typing.


What do you know about the human body?

Do you know what an organ is?

What important jobs do you think the following organs have?

1. Heart
2. Blood vessels
3. Lungs
4. Stomach
5. Small and Large intestine
6. Liver
7. Brain


Here are the answers.

1. Heart [pumps blood around the body]
2. Blood vessels [are the tubes that the blood flows through. There are different tubes such as veins and arteries]
3. Lungs [help pass the oxygen from the air into the blood]
4. Stomach [breaks down the food and water]
5. Small and Large intestine [breaks down the food and water so that it can soak through into the blood. Also helps to produce waste food i.e. the food the body has finished with and can’t break down small enough]
6. Liver [helps clean the blood and makes chemicals that do lots of important jobs in the body]
7. Brain [is the control centre of the body. It send and receives messages to and from other parts of the body]


Which do you think is the most important part of the body?

Why might it be difficult to pick out the most important part?

Can you complete today’s activity sheet.

Body team work – Activity sheet


Have a good day everyone and keep smiling.