Good Morning everyone and welcome back to the blog after half term. I hope you are all relaxed and ready for so more home learning activities.


Today I would like you to read the clues to each of the 2D shapes and then see if you can draw them with a ruler.

Properties of 2D shapes – Help Sheet 


Mild – Drawing 2D Shapes

Spicy – Draw 2D Shapes

Hot – Drawing 2D Shapes


In English over the next few weeks we will be looking at instructions and explanation texts.

Today we will be using this story to help us get started.

Video Link – The Ink Garden of Brother Theophane

Your task today is to look in depth at the illustrations from the story. Then answer the questions below.

What can you see in the picture?

What details catch your eye? Why?

What colours can you see?

How do they affect the picture?

What patterns can you see throughout the pages?

How do the patterns affect the reader?

How are the letters illustrated? Why do you think they are so decorative?

How do you think they were created?

Can you explain in detail what is happening in the picture?




Image result for The Ink Garden of Brother Theophane



Image result for The Ink Garden of Brother Theophane



Image result for The Ink Garden of Brother Theophane



Image result for The Ink Garden of Brother Theophane




Image result for The Ink Garden of Brother Theophane





Stilling Time

Cosmic Kids Yoga Activity


I have set an activity on Purple Mash.

Today I would like you to think about all the different ways we can communicate with different people.

On the activity I would like you to name 5 different ways of communicating and then think about some positives and negatives about each way of communicating.


Put up your hand if you like being hugged?

Who do you like to hug you? It is often a sign of family love or friendship.

What other sort of physical contact (touches) do you like? [e.g. kiss, being picked up, holding hands, squeezing.]

Do you like people standing very close to you? The area around our body is called our body space or personal space.

Why do we need to respect other people’s body space? In other words, not ‘invade’ it too much?

We can invite people into our body space. When might we do that? [e.g. playing a game of tig with friends, hugging a relative or friend etc.]

Sometimes people come into our body space without meaning to, like when we are on a crowded bus.

Can you think of any other times when this happens?

Can you think of any other times when people invade our body space and we don’t want them to? [ an argument]

How can we tell/ ask people that we want them to move? [e.g. You are too close to me, please move.  Can you give me a bit of space? You are making me feel uncomfortable.]

What should we do if someone asks us to move away from them? [respect that and move without making a fuss.]


What sort of physical contact/touch is not acceptable?

If someone feels uncomfortable when they are being touched, it is the brain’s way of warning them that something is not right.


P  Privates are private

A  Always remember your body belongs to you

N  No means no

T  Talk about secrets that upset you

S  Speak up, someone can help

What can someone do if they are being touched in a way that makes them uncomfortable or is unacceptable?

say out loudly “Stop!”  “Please don’t!”  “Go away!”  “That makes me feel uncomfortable.”  “That feels wrong.”  “ I’ll tell.”

Always tell someone they trust and get help.

It is never their fault if someone touches them in this way.


Today’s activity is make a poster to show the PANTS acronym.

Pants poster – Activity sheet template

Have a great day everyone, keep smiling.