Good morning everybody and welcome back.

I hope you have all had a relaxing Easter holiday and have enjoyed plenty of sunshine and lots of chocolate. We are now into the summer term, let’s hope the weather remembers that too.

During the holidays I’ve been able to start a few new things and learn some new skills, the first thing I’ve learned to do is to touch my toes (very painful, but good for your hamstrings). I have learned a few new recipes, finished my reading book and moved up to a new book band and my new favourite thing is running and keeping active.

Have you learned anything new over the holidays?

Can you touch your toes?

Let me know with either an email or  a comment, it will be great to hear from you all again.

In maths today, I would like you to complete these subtraction word problems. Remember to read them carefully to understand what sum you need to do.

Mild- Mild- Subtraction Word Problems

Spicy- Spicy- Subtraction Word Problems

Hot- Hot- Subtraction Word Problems


In English this week we will be looking at ‘The Twits’ by Roald Dahl.

Click here to read the book – The Twits – By Roald Dahl

Today I would like you to read and enjoy the following chapters.

Hairy Faces

Mr Twit

Dirty Beards

Mrs Twit

Look at the vocabulary in these chapters.

Find exciting words and new words from the text and write them down e.g. tufts, matted, wise etc.

With an adult or sibling think about and discuss the meanings of these words.

Look up some of the new words you have found in a dictionary or by using Word Hippo.



Follow along with the powerpoint and videos.

Today we will be recapping numbers and learning how to ask someone how old they are and how to respond.

How old are you? I am ….



In PE today I would like you to try the activities set by Mr Garvey. Mr Garvey will be uploading PE blogs every Monday, Wednesday and Fridays.


Stilling Time

Colour this elephant giraffe online or print it out to create a weird and wonderful new animal.

Elephant Giraffe


Remember to tune into the Fischy Music assembly at 11am.

Mr Turton’s joke of the day.

What do you get when you cross a fish and an elephant?

Swimming trunks.


Have a great day everyone and remember to keep smiling.