Hello everyone, one week to go. You can do this! Here are today’s home learning activities.


This week in maths we are going to be looking at addition and subtraction. Today I would like you to answer these problems.

Super Mild- Addition and Subtraction Questions

Mild – Addition and Subtraction Questions

Spicy – Addition And Subtraction Word Problems

Hot- Addition and Subtraction Word Problems


Have you ever watched the tv show Countdown? I hear it’s Mrs Corless’s favourite show and she never misses an episode.

Watch this clip if you have never seen the show and think about how the game works.

Video Link


Today I would like you to have a go at playing countdown with these letters. Set a timer for 30 seconds and see what words you can think of.


r i t n a l p  e

To teach someone else how to play the ‘letters round’ of Countdown we would need to give them some instructions.

Countdown Instructions

The aim of this game is to make the longest word you can out of the letters selected.

You will need: 20 consonant cards; 10 vowel cards; a 30 second timer; paper; pens or pencils


What to do:

  1. First, choose a vowel or consonant card to display.
  2. Then repeat until you have selected ten cards in total.
  3. Next, start the timer and time 30 seconds.
  4. Once the timer starts, write down as many words that you can from the letters shown. The longer the words the better.
  5. Finally, compare your words to your opponents. The longest word wins the round.

Can you spot the imperative verbs in the instructions?

Can you spot the time conjunctions in the instructions ?


Today I would like you to follow the instructions on how to pay countdown.

Follow the link below and have your very own game.

Countdown game. 

Stilling Time

Video Link


Today we are going to carry on learning about ways to communicate. This week we will be looking at email.

On purple mash I have sent you all an email. Click on your alerts and it should be there. If you cannot see it follow the instructions below.

On the Home Screen click on computing.

Next click on 2Email.

Then click on 2Eamil again, you should now be in your very own email inbox.

I would like you to answer the questions and reply.

Email is a safe way of using email in school. You can only send and receive emails from people in the school.

IMPORTANT – The report to teacher button can be used if you find something offensive or inappropriate in the email. If the you press this button, the email will be reported to me. Once you press this button, the email will disappear from your folder.


I will start with a little story today about something that once happened to me.

A member of my family had a big birthday celebration coming up. I had been invited to the party and said I would go. However, at the same time another family member had arranged to go away to the seaside for that same weekend and had asked lots of people who were going to go to the party to go with him. Neither of them knew that the other person was arranging an event for that weekend and got into a terrible argument about it and ended up shouting at each other and then storming off. Now they’re not speaking to each other.

  • How do you think they felt when they found the other person had arranged an event for the same weekend?
  • Why do you think both people were angry with each other?
  • Why do you think they got into an argument about it and ended up shouting at each other and storming off?
  • Do you think the argument would have helped the situation?
  • Do you think they were able to think about how the other person was feeling?
  • What ideas do you have resolving this situation?

Let’s think about some answers to the last question.

  • If they start to get into an argument again then they should just walk away and calm down
  • Try and see things from the other person’s point of view
  • Find a compromise – a compromise is when both sides agree on a solution that they are both happy with but isn’t fully what each one wanted.

Have a great day everyone, keep smiling.