Good Morning all and welcome back, I hope you all enjoyed your half-term rest.

Here are today’s home learning activities.

In maths today we will be looking at addition and subtraction skills.

Watch the video below for help.

Maths Video

Here is today’s maths activity sheet.

Lesson 1 – Add two 3-digit numbers – crossing 10 or 100

In English this week we will be looking at being healthy and being happy!

This week you will look at the types of foods we need to eat to stay healthy through listening to songs and reading information, designing a menu and even creating your own active shake up activity!

Watch and enjoy this song: Keeping Healthy song

Discuss what you have learned after watching and enjoying the song.

Now look at this website:

NHS – Eat Well Guide

Adult support will be needed to read, navigate and discuss the content of this website.

After this, create, draw and label your own Eat Well plate. Organise your plate into sections for:



dairy foods

fruit and vegetables

We have done something very similar to this in class and then made the meals from junk modelling materials.

You could present this by drawing on a paper plate or making your own plate out of paper/cardboard.

Display it in your kitchen for everyone in your family to see.

Next time you eat your tea, can you identify all the foods on your plate and to which food group they each belong?


In PE today, click on Mr Garvey’s blog and challenge yourself to see what he’s set.

In French today we will be looking at pets in French.


In stilling time today I would like you to find a quiet place where you can listen to this music.

Take some time to read your favourite book.


Mr Turton’s joke of the day

What is a tornado’s favourite game to play?



Have a great day everyone, keep smiling.