Good morning everyone and welcome back to hoe learning after hopefully a relaxing weekend.

In maths this week we will be moving on to fractions. Do not worry if you can’t complete all the questions, just have a go and try your best.

Watch this video before starting. This video explains how to answers these different fraction problems.

Maths Video

Lesson 1 Unit and non unit fractions

In English this week week we will be watching different film clips, exploring three versions of The Elves and the Shoemaker story, and writing responses each day.

There are lots of ideas and activities in this unit so select the ones which appeal to you the most!

Watch and enjoy the film Caterpillar Shoes together:

Watch the film again and write down the types of shoes the caterpillar wears and who he gives them to. Pause the film when needed so you can write them down.

Then write sentences, e.g. The caterpillar gave his … to the … so …

Check all sentences for spelling and punctuation together.

Now hunt for all the shoes in your house and make a list, e.g.

– school shoes

– trainers

– flip flops

– slippers

– walking boots


Write a sentence about each type of shoe in your house, who wears them and for what, e.g.

My Dad wears walking boots when he goes out hiking.

I wear flip flops when I go on holiday.

My sister wears trainers when she goes running.

Include the conjunction ‘when’ in each sentence to join the ideas together. You could switch each sentence around so that the sentence begins with ‘when’, e.g. When my sister goes running, she wears trainers.


How many sentences can you write about shoes in your house? Aim for five but can you beat that?

Check all sentences for spelling and punctuation together.


In French today I would like you to have a go at learning the second group of colours.


For stilling time today I would like you to find a quiet place and play the music from the link below.

Take some time to read your favourite book or sit and be still.


Mr Turton’s joke of the day.

Q- Why did the man get fired from the orange juice factory?

A -Lack of concentration.


I hope you all have a great day. Keep smiling.