Good morning everyone and welcome to a brand new week of home learning. Enjoy!


Here is today’s maths recap video.

Here are today’s maths recap activity sheets.

Consolidate 2 4 and 8 times tables


Here is today’s maths lesson video.

Here are today’s maths activity sheets.

Mild: Reading arrays

Hot/Spicy: Comparing statements


This week in English we are going to be learning all about mystery writing ….

Do you know any mysteries?

I do, its called the missing Malteser (the really good celebrations one). Sit back and read this mysterious tale.


After a hard day at school and teaching the children of Hazel class, Mr Turton had just finished waving goodbye to the final few children. It was a cold, wet and dark day and he hurried back inside and sat down at his desk.

Mr Baird popped in and said “Goodbye” as he rushed off home to warm up. Mrs Corless was in the stock room doing Mrs Corless jobs.

Mr Turton was just about to start marking the maths books when out of the corner of his eye he saw a shiny red wrapper and remembered it was Mr Walling’s birthday and he had brought in some celebrations for the staff.

Mr Turton had been looking at it all afternoon as it sat on his desk, saying “Eat me!”.

However, he had not eaten it yet and was saving it for the end of the day as a treat. He put the books down, moved over to his desk and picked up the precious malteser, finally he could eat his well-earned treat.

Just as he was about to unwrap the chocolate Mrs Corless said, “What are you having for tea tonight”.

The chocolate was so close to his mouth, but he put it down on his desk for later and said, “Ooo I think I will be having some caviar and then Parmesan Risotto with Roasted Shrimp or maybe some lobster”.

Mrs Corless laughed and then said she only had a few jobs left and was then going to go home.

Mr Turton then realised that he had forgotten his water bottle and said “See you tomorrow” to Mrs Corless and dashed through the hall to the staffroom. As he entered the hall Mr Baird was on his way back into Hazel Class as he had forgotten his laptop.

Mr Turton filled up his water bottle and then returned to class, only stopping to talk to Mr Garvey about football and how rubbish Manchester United are.

Finally, the moment he had been savouring all day had returned. As he walked over to his desk his mouth began to water, he could imagine the taste of the sweet chocolate. All the other staff had gone home.

He stood over his desk and to his shock realised something was very wrong.

The chocolate he had wanted to eat and was saving all afternoon was,     MISSING… and someone had eaten it….


Today your task is to write what happened in my mystery story.

Who ate the chocolate?

Where did it go?

Can you work out what happened to the missing chocolate?

Worksheet: What happened in my mystery story template

Stilling Time

Yoga link.


I have set a typing activity on purple mash. What you will need to do is type in the falling words before they build up too high.

I would set the speed to medium 10 seconds and play a 2 minute game. Practice typing using the middle row on a keyboard.


Have a look at these pictures and think about who might help us keep safe in these different locations.

  • Who helps us in these different places?
  • Can there be there more than 1 person who helps us?

Now with a grown up think about these questions

  • Who helps us in these places?
  • How do they help us?
  • Why do they help us? (i.e. to keep us safe or healthy)

Your task today is to the task is to draw a picture of yourself in one of these locations and also a picture of someone who helps you to stay safe or to be healthy at this location e.g. draw yourself and the Lollipop lady/man on drawing of a road crossing..



Have an amazing day everyone, see you tomorrow at 11 for our google meet. Keep smiling.