Good morning everyone, I hope you had time to relax over the weekend and are now refreshed and ready for another week of home learning.


This week in maths we are going to be looking at measurement (capacity, volume and mass).

This is going to be tricky over the blog as normally we would get lots of equipment out and allow you to explore how scales work, how measuring jugs work and look at trundle wheels and rulers. So  if you have any of that equipment at home, explore it, can you read the scales and measure different things.

Our main focus today will see us look at measuring using a ruler.

Rulers measure in mm (millimetres) and cm (centimetres) . One cm is ten mm.

Have a look at the ruler on this link.

Can you see how small mm are compared to cm.

What types of things could we measure in mm?

What types of things could we measure in cm?


Your maths activity today is to measure different objects around your homes and put them into order of size.

Here are some suggestions.

Largest to smallest.

Smallest to largest.

Tallest to smallest.

Smallest to largest.

If you have a ruler be sure to measure the objects and practice reading the scale.


This week in English we will continue to look at persuasive writing. Today we are looking at imperative verbs.

What is a verb? A verb is a doing word or action – running, jumping or skipping

What is an imperative verb? An imperative verb is a bossy very like – shut, go, put. We use imperative verbs all the time in persuasive writing as they tell people what to do.


Which of these sentences are imperative?

  • Please walk carefully home.
  • Cut along the dotted line.
  • Please carefully take your coats off.
  • Go to bed.
  • Shut that door.
  • Buy my merch.

How can we change these sentences into imperative sentences?

When you are ready line up at the door.

As an imperative sentence this would be – Line up at the door.

Try this one.

Gently remove the jelly from the bowl.

would become – Remove the jelly from the bowl.

Remind imperative sentences and verbs tell people what to do!


Here are today’s activity sheets.

Extra Mild – Using Imperative Verbs

Use both sheets

Mild Imperative verbs

Mild – Imperative verbs Instruction sequence

Spicy- Using Imperative Verbs

Hot – Imperative verb worksheet – making a sandwich

Stilling Time

Stilling Time video link


Today in ICT I have set you a todo on Purple Mash. Enjoy.



Harold is poorly in bed.

What illness might he have?  How might he have got that illness? How would it make him feel or behave?

Can you think of a time when you have not been well?

What helped make you feel better?

What is a medicine?

How can medicines help people feel better? Some people may need medicines every day to help keep them healthy.

We do not always need a medicine to feel better think about rest, sleep, water, healthy food.

How can we prevent ourselves from getting ill.

Your activity today is to design a poster which explains how we can stay healthy and avoid getting ill.


Have a great day everyone, keep smiling.