Hello everyone and welcome to the end of the first week of home learning. You have worked so hard and as always I am very impressed with what you have produced at home.


Next week on Tuesday I would like to hold our first google classroom meet at 11am. If you have not been able to log in please let me know at j.turton@ellel-st-johns.lancs.sch.uk.



Here is today’s maths video link.


Here are today’s maths activity sheets.

Super Mild – Mental Addition

Mild – Mental Addition

Spicy – Mental Addition

Hot – Mental Addition

Challenge – Mental Addition


There are many different ways we can see persuasive writing in everyday things all around us. For example texts such as posters, leaflets, adverts, radio shows and even YouTube videos like we saw the other day all contain persuasive writing.

Today we will be looking at conjunctions!

What are conjunctions? They allow us to add more detail to a sentence. (and, but, if etc)

Quickly how many different conjunctions can you think of? I bet you were able to think of lots.

Have a look at these sentences and see if you can spot the conjunction.

“The beaches in Spain are beautiful so it is the ideal place to sunbathe.”

As you can see, by adding in the conjunction ‘so’ we were able to add more detail to our sentence.

See if you can add a conjunction and finish of these sentences.

“They rushed to the door…

“I will go shopping…

“I was feeling hungry…

Here are todays English activity Sheets

Mild – Conjunction Activity Sheet

Spicy – Conjuction Activity Sheet

Hot – Conjunction Activity Sheet

Extension- Write 3 sentences using a conjunction to persuade me to give you some dojos.


Listen to this song and use your body to find the pulse whilst you listen.



Use one of these drawing prompts to create some art work.

Stilling Time

Have a go at this cosmic kids yoga activity.


Have a good and safe weekend everyone. Keep smiling.