Good morning everyone and welcome to the last home learning activities of the week. I am so excited to get back to school next week and see you all again.


To end the week, we are going to be using all the skills we have been looking at this week. We will be using our addition and subtraction skills to answer these word problems.

To answer word problems we need a strategy. In school we would use the RUCSAC method.

Read the question

Underline or understand the key bits

Calculation- what do I actually need to do.

Solve – Using the correct method, solve the problem.

Answer – Write the answer

Check- make sure it is correct by checking my answer.


Let’s go through an example.

Aidan has 124 toy cars. He bought 78 more. How many toy cars does he have altogether?

1st step, read the question.

2nd step, underline the key bits. 

Aidan has 124 toy cars. He bought 78 more. How many toy cars does he have altogether?

Be careful with this step as it is easy to miss key information. Look for numbers and mathematical language. So I know Aidan already has 124 cars and he gets 78 more.

3rd step – Calculation

As I have read and underlined the key bits, I know that altogether means addition. I need to add 124 and 78.

4th step- Solve

So, as I am super clever I can work this out in my head, using base 10, using jottings or even on a number line. However I just want to make sure I get it spot on so today I’ll use column addition.

So as always I’ll draw my columns and then label them with my ones, tens and hundreds.


1  2  4

+  7  8



Now starting with my ones I’ll add 4 and 8 which is 12.


1  2  4

+  7  8


____ 2


Here you can see how I have carried my 10 over to the tens column. Next step my 10s.

So let’s do 20 + 70 =90. Don’t forget your extra 10 I hear you say so lets add that on and that leaves me with 100.


1  2  4

+   7 8


0  2

1  1


Then the final step is add my hundreds. So 100 add 100 = 200


1  2  4

7 8


2 0  2


1  1

Step 5 is write my answer.

Step 6 is to check my answer. I can check my answer by doing an inverse operation and seeing if all the numbers work.

So I could do either 202 – 78 and hope that it is 124, which it is so that means I have done my sum correctly. On to the next one.


Here are today’s maths activity sheets.

Addition Word Problems

Subtraction Word Problems


Today in English I would like you to write a set of instructions on how to play your game.

Remember these key features when writing instructions.

  • Written in the 2nd person. (You )
  • Imperative verbs (bossy verbs)
  • Bullet points
  • Chronological order
  • Formal tone
  • Time Conjunctions (firstly / next / finally)

I look forward to seeing your game instructions.

Stilling Time

Stilling Time video Link 


Episode 2 – Jump Up and Join In 


Lucian Freud is most famous for spending a lot of time with the people he painted because he wanted to know them really well so that he could show their personalities in his paintings.

He applied paint to a small area of the canvas and worked outwards. He liked to built the texture (feel) and colour of skin.

He usually started with the head first, then painted the body, then returned to paint over the head again, because during the painting process, he got to know the person he was painting better, so he wanted to show this.

Sometimes, when painting skin, he would paint a stroke then wash his brush. This allowed him to add more paint for the next stroke and helped to build the thickness of the paint.

Lucian Freud clearly liked animals, in particular horses. He used to ride horses and was known to sleep in the stables.

The backgrounds of his paintings were often pale and plain, so that the skin colours seemed brighter.


What can you see in the pictures?

How many different colours can you see in the skin?

What can you tell about the people in the painting?

Why do you think the artist painted the picture?

If you could choose one of the paintings from today for your home,which would it be? Why?


Have ago at drawing someone in your family in the style of Lucian Freud.

Have great weekend and ill see you all on Monday, keep smiling.