Good morning all and welcome to the end of anther week. Here are todays home learning activities.


BBC Bitesize Weekly Challenge.



Read this poem

Monster Sale – Opening extract

Now read

There’s a Monster in My School Bag by David Windle

Write a poem about your monster that you created yesterday.

What does your monster like to do? Does it live in a particular place? Does it eat certain things?

Use your fact file from yesterday to help you.

As you write, keep reading your poem aloud to check you are happy with it. When you have finished, perform your poem to your household!


Have a go at Mr Garvey’s PE challenge.


Follow the PowerPoint for todays information.

Conversion to Christianity

Research and produce a guide about one of the following places:

•Canterbury Cathedral
•Iona Abbey
•Lindisfarne Priory

Include details about the history of the building, explaining why it was built and who lived or worked there and why it is significant in the history of Christianity. You can then go on to explain about the building as it is today and what visitors can expect to see when they visit.

Include pictures or drawings in your guide and ensure your information is presented neatly and carefully.

Stilling Time

Joke of The Day

Why was the maths teacher such a good dancer?

She had algorithm.


Have a wonderful weekend everyone, keep smiling.